My online shop

As collection I call a serie of pieces pf different designs which has some common line and can be grouped in one set. As unique cups I call origina designs got what I defined an aprox. size and what I reproduce in small batches. As single cups I call ceramics which are a results of my experiments and I probably will nor reproduce (or I'm not planning to do it at the moment :))

You can check the actual photos of the pieces I have inside each product, from both sides. When I have more of them I mark each one with a number, so you have the option to choose the concrete piece if you like one more than other, if you like :) If you prefer to be surprised I choose it for you.

I have a lot of designs in my store and much more in my head :) I constantly continue creating new designs, as a consequese is that some of already existed design are not always available. Even the 'coming soon' pieces can take weeks or months to be created – it's a long proces to create ceramics. So in case you are interested in some concrete design please let me know – I’ll push it in the too of the to do list :) But even in this case it will take some around 3-4 weeks (botton to creation process).