Collection: MANGROVE

My 'mangrove' ceramic collection is inspired by the unique beauty of tropical mangrove forests, capturing their spirit, atmosphere, and vibrant colors in an abstract form on the exterior of each ceramic piece.

It includes designs such as 'mangrove', 'mangrove flower', 'lagoon', 'sea star' and 'mangrove tree' which can be combined to create a harmonious set that brings the ambiance of this natural miracle into any space.

For this ceramic collection, I mostly use matte and satin glazes, but in some parts, the mix of glazes results in a glossy finish. The interior is white and matte, creating a clean contrast to the vibrant, nature-inspired exteriors.

For this collection, I create cups in approximately 180ml and 240ml sizes, (with larger sizes available in my Landscape collection). Additionally, I offer several plate designs in this collection, with diameters of approximately 21, 23 and 25cm. Each plate features a unique pattern made with the same glaze and texture combinations as the cups, complementing the set beautifully.

The cups have the same size and shape as those from the 'White' collection, and look beautiful when combined in a single set.